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released July 29, 2016

All music written and recorded by MODERN COLOR.
Engineered by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Studios in Santa Ana, CA.



all rights reserved


Modern Color Redondo Beach, California

California melodic rock. Beach heads trying to bring a fresh perspective.

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Track Name: NEW MOTION
So content and so forgiving.
Tangerine laced affection, my head is spinning.

Velvet fingertips, pressed into my lungs.
Her voice, it follows.

So relentless,
I just yearn for your approval, I know it's pointless.

Velvet fingertips, pressed into my lungs.
Her voice, it follows.

Precious violet kept in quiet.
I watered the soil with tension, I'm out of connection.
Precious violet, kept in quiet.
I watered the soil with tension,
My secret garden burns in retention.

Lover, I'm sorry for loving another.
I just wished you understood.
See my dreams within
The vibrant colors of a hollow lens

As my flowers bend,
Find a box to keep them in

From another view,
I hoped you could've seen me through

I had my vision skewed,
But now I see in different hues

New colors dance through me,
No longer suffering

It's all just the same as it was before
I'm just a body in the ocean
I can't stop the new motion
Careless freedom in me
I just need to be free

Feel a new breeze, sunlight energy
I found a way through pain and sorrow
To see the light of a better tomorrow

Waves crashing in on me,
Shed physical body

It's all just the same as it was before
I'm just a body in the ocean
I can't stop the new motion
Careless freedom in me
Track Name: SHADE
Displaced by jaded vibe
Distorted through revelation
Sea breeze, elusive time
Careless moments gone with the tide

Displaced by self...

As I peer through these opaque panes
I cleanse the filth from my limbs
The soot from my lungs
I just want to be something of substance, complete

Rusting away, hope is a disease
Rusting away, leave it alone
Here comes the sun to wash away
The sentiments of another day
Once under the moon, so pale and delicate
Now wrought with clear perception

The desperation for how things used to be
Why must I choose between
What's right for you and what's right for me?

Here comes the sun to wash away
Forget again another day

I'm struggling to find the peace within your absence
But the light within is fading
And I'm struggling to see the sense in my reflection
But I can't see the shading
Track Name: LOW
Looking for the lowest note
And all the places it'll ring

Drifting in and out of space
Promises still keep me
Driving through the bend
Just to see where it ends

Leave me in the dark
You let me down again today
Self-inflicted gloom
I walked behind the rows today

Running through the gaps
Slip between the emptiness
Found shelter in the absence
Of your isolated selfishness

Let me down again and again
Sweet nothings, drizzled over lucid thoughts
You don't belong here
Sweet something, drizzled over tired eyes
You don't see it

When I first met your gaze, I was lost for days
I was caught in a lover's spell
Drifting in and out of the spotlight
You left me in

I've been watching you so fondly
And I'm your biggest fan
Set me up and let me go
Track Name: I'M NOT PART OF IT
Guided only by instinct, my vision impaired
By the hunger lust to be home again
Blindsided by my own missteps

But I see the world so differently
Calculated and cold
But the world sees me so differently
Just a head to be sold

Not again, I yearn to see progress
But the progress lies within myself
When did I get so jaded?

You were there, my world was blue

I could see it, what I wanted to be
I could be it, you eat the lonely in me
Keep me safe, let me stay
I'll sleep in your lungs, pull at your tongue
Blue moon, full surrender
Blue moon, true contender
Dream on down, luscious gold
Dream on down, lost in the fold

Dream-like glass, such beautiful views
Lavender sunburst, indigo hues

Surrounded by color, lost in the view